You will help to prepare a full Balinese feast that includes all the necessary Balinese spice mixes and sambals, appetiser, main course and a delicious dessert.
Then the best part you sit down and eat the spoils of your labour and will go home with full recipes of all you have prepared, and eaten, to amaze your friends!

Previously help as Sate Bali Restaurant. Read one of our cooking class testimonial here:

Balinese Cooking Class by Living in Sin


Bio Cafe Canggu


085 7211 79916


Rp.375.000 net per person.
Minimum booking for 2 persons. Maximum class in group up to 15 persons.

What will you get

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Basic Spice Preparation

  • Base Be Pasih                  (Basic Spice for Seafood)
  • Base Be Siap                     (Basic Spice for Chicken)
  • Sambal Matah                  (Lemon Grass Sambal)
  • Sambal Tomat                  (Tomato Sambal)
  • Bumbu Kacang               (Balinese style Peanut Sauce)


  • Jukut Mecantok                  (Basic Spice for Seafood)
  • Tum Bebek                           (Steam minced duck with Balinese spice in banana leaf)
  • Pesan Be Pasih                   (Steamed fish in banana leaf)
  • Babi Kecap                           (Pork with sweet soya sauce)
  • Mie Goreng Bali                  (Balinese fried noodles)
  • Sate Lilit                                 (Balinese sate lilit in lemon grass skewers)


  • Dadar Gulung
  •       (Balinese rolled pancake stuffed with grated coconut and palm sugar)