Eat Local Eat Fresh!

Semua bahan - bahan di Bio Cafe ditanam oleh petani lokal dan dipilih dengan cermat untuk menghadirkan menu menu dengan kesegaran terbaik untuk kamu.

Selain itu, kita juga turut serta memberdayakan petani - petani lokal :)
Double Joy!

The Heart of Canggu

Di tengah padat dan macetnya jalanan canggu, kita ada di sebuah titik rahasia dimana kamu bisa makan sambil menikmati tenangnya Canggu.

Sawah hijau, sunset, langit oranye? Yuk datang dan liat sendiri spot rahasianya :)

Calmness in the crowded canggu? Yes it is possible, Visit Us!

What we have

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Bio Cafe

Paper Kit is a free Bootstrap UI kit that can get you going in a new creative direction! To say the least, it's different since it's not material, flat or iOS inspired.

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Bio Mart

Visit the secret garden and pick your own veggies! We’re not only selling veggies, we offer you the experience!

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Balinese Cooking Class

cook a wide variety of authentic Balinese food with Chef Nyoman Sudiyasa, former Executive Chef of Grand Hyatt and Intercontinental Bali.

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The Secret Garden

Yuk kunjungi Bio Cafe’s Secret Garden! Kamu bisa menikmati view sawah dan sunset sambil petik sayur sendiri :)

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Jalan Raya Canggu (Depan SMP Pancasila)

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11 AM - 8 PM (Selasa - Minggu)


Bio Cafe Canggu


Bio Cafe Canggu